December 27th, 2001


The thing that bloomed was my rosy heart

I've pricked my heart.
By the time I knew, I was born
Reason or quest, not being told
What do I do. What should I take
Words "God Only Knows" won't work for me
Nothing starts Nothing ends in this city
Exists only server lonesome and cruel reality
But still I search for light
I am the trigger. I choose my final way
Whether I bloom or fall, is up to me
I've pricked my heart.
I am the trigger
I've pricked my heart.
~Luna Sea, "Rosier"


I really love that song, but the vocalist of Luna Sea has got such a heavy accent that I can't listen to the words without laughing. The words are a bit ruined when it sounds like he's singing, "I pliku my art; I'm a twigga." Da.
Seriously, it's really really pretty and I love it heaps and I can't believe it took me a month to listen to my Luna Sea CD.


So, in other news, I'm out of Southern California and at home again. Daddy's figuring out our schedule, opera/ballet/etc.-wise, for the rest of the year so he can tell me so I can start doling out tickets like some skinny beardless belated Santa Claus. X_x It's what all my friends get for birthday presents, unless they're boys, in which case they get a lovely lipstick and nail polish in a pretty shade of red, all in a perfectly posh carrying case. I'm so generous I'll even pay for a leg wax.
Now that was a waste of entry space. Maybe I'll do a survey or something to even things up.