January 19th, 2002


What else is new?

So, TOD hasn't been working. What else is new? I'm failing half my classes. What else is new? Heidi was driving me buggers today when she was chipping her nail polish off, because I read once that when you do that you damage your nails because part of them come off too, and besides that it looks pretty gross, so I was nearly bouncing off the walls. But yeah...so what else is new?

Next week is finals. Does anyone study for those things? I know that I don't, and never have. But maybe there are some people out there who like to do so. Tomorrow I have to go do research on euthenasia, because our Government final is a debate on that topic. (Yay.) It's sort of funny, because when Mrs. B first annouced the topics, I thought she said "youth in Asia," so I almost asked, "Why are we debating that? Do you mean like sweatshops and stuff?" Luckily, Heidi explained the topic to Sheena and kept me from humiliating myself. Whew.