February 25th, 2002


No pains, no gains...die game!

ikutsu mono genkaku wo kimi no mimi motode sasayaki
kimi no kairo short sasete naoshiteageru
yogonta sheets no ue de kannoi no koe wo hariagete
boku no kao wo mataginagara odotteiru venus
'Die game'
taiyouni naritakute tsuki no ue de boku wa
mune ni knife wo tsukisashite asondeiru
hane wo hiroge sora e maiiagaru boku wa
haini dakare kanki no koe wo harisakebu
with the venus
taiyou ni naratakute tsuki no ue de boku wa
mune ni knife wo tsukisashite asondeiru
'Die Game'

The above is "N.p.s. N.g.s (No pains, no gains)" by Malice Mizer, and my latest translation project. I like the song, but I want to translate it because for the longest time I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere, and when Japanese people say 'Venus' it tends to sound like a male body part, and I wanted to be sure that the song I was listening to wasn't completely*totally*dirty. Of course, since I still haven't busted out the money for a dictionary it should be interesting to see when I actually get around to translating this.
My rough draft for my term paper is due tomorrow and I haven't started it yet. I want to skip school tomorrow, but I can't afford any more truants on my record. Hopefully I can convince Dad I'm really sick...why can't I have Cathy's mom, who excuses all her absenses? Pfft...