March 8th, 2002



Really, they can't. That's my thesis statement for my term paper, anyway. Here's my real, true-blue hypothesis in answer to the question What is the role of the individual in society? How can the individual - or a group of individuals - effect society as a whole? (Wouldn't that be affect?)
"The role of an individual in society is to find his niche and fulfill his duties in that role to the best of his ability. This applies to everyone: men, women and even children. The role may not be high profile and it may not gain eternal fame, but in fulfilling one’s function society continues to run. An individual can affect society merely by maintaining their position; but it is impossible for one man to affect the whole of society. To do that, he must become more than a man. Only concepts and ideas have the power to affect an entire society."
What do you think? My term paper is on the Boogie Man; keep that in mind.
School was funny today. Cathy's making a Countdown Chain for the end of school. Isn't that a great idea? You rip off a link every morning and throw it at Mr. Soss! (Okay, so that may not have been her intention, but now that the idea will be in her head I bet she'll do it at some point, just for fun.) I doodled or wrote stupid stuff on a bunch of them. ^^;;
Leadership reached new levels of unproductivity today. I spent the first half of the period chatting it up with King and the second half doing English homework, with several minutes skipping class inbetween to visit Journalism. I'm such a bad girl. ^_~
Ja ne!
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