April 5th, 2002


Bara no Shittsui

Sora Fukaku
Yume Shiroku
Chigireta Tsubasa

While everyone else is trudging back to class next week, I'll be at home, shooting rubber bands at stuffed animals. Based on whatever skewed political reasoning our district employs to decide our scheduling, my vacation is a week later than the vast majority of schools in the area. While this would be great were I headed to Disneyland (shorter lines, yahoo!) I'm not, so the potential gain can be flushed down the toilet.

Tsumi Akaku
Koe Tooku
Michiteku Ano hi

Instead, I'm going to try and be pretty over the spring break. Not physically...that's too much work. Make-up and hoards of hair styling product - I use enough of that as it is - just ain't worth the effort to make myself look decent. I'm going to try and use some pretty words and get some creative writing done, since I'm very*very far behind in just about everything. -_- Sadness.

O-la Sanctus, E-u Sanctus,
Où est la Lumière . . . Ah, c'est toi?

Kitty and Bandaid visited me at Branham today, bringing french fries and chicken nuggets. Bless 'em. They were supposed to stay for English, but it started off slowly so Kitty took Bandaid to run errands with her. Of course, five seconds after they disappear Spaay makes some comments about Mrs. Clinton's mother and everyone is on the floor in hysterics. Can you talk about bad timing and missing the fun?

Kaze Takaku
Toki Aoku
Sasurau Kioku

So I did eventually go to all the trouble of finding out Right-On Boy's name. But I like R.O.B. better, don't you? Robbie; that can be his special TOD name. Anyway, I am now trying to worm an email address out of Lisa, who is not particularly inclined to give me one. Either that or she doesn't check her email very often. Pfft. It's so much work, this pursuit of people. Ah well, if she doesn't let me know soon I'll have Finn in Physics prank-call him.

Mizu Kuraku
Uta Kiyoku
Mezameru Manazashi

Finn was getting drunk in Physics today, actually. He had a bottle of alcohol - I didn't catch what it was, but it positively noxious - and kept taking shots of it. But he's better than Ronny, who came to school drunk and pissed in the closet/back room at the back of the classroom (Don't think about it; I did my best not to) and being the general nuisance that he is. >_< The more I see these people, the more convinced I become that alcohol is gross and bad and will poison me.

Tada Kimi e
Tada Haruka
Ochi-yuku Kono bara
Ola Sanctus...