May 16th, 2002


A genius with an empty skull

Why is it on the nights that I say to myself, "Sam, you gots to write in your diary tonight?" my brain decides to pull a blank?
Well, let's talk about what a waste of time school is. You know what we did in Physics today? We watched some movie. Know what we did in the last time I had that class? Listened to Soss rant about everything under the sun? Time before that? A movie disproving psychics, and another movie about black holes. I should just stay at home for all we accomplish in that class.
Leadership. Guess what we do in there? That's right - diddly squat. Well, actually, I just do diddly squat, while other people make posters (which is so beneath me) and worry about whether our graduation is going to have any speeches (I wish it wouldn't; speeches are dull. I listened to one today, and it was kinda meh.) and all the assorted stuff like that, which bores me so I leave class and visit Kris and tigre in Journalism for forty-five minutes.
English I like. We have discussions that are really entertaining in there. Sometimes they actually are relative to the English curriculum.
Art would be nice, if I didn't sit next to Christina, who is so negative and down on Mrs. Prates (So am I, but I can do that because I actually like her as a teacher, overall) that she is a brat. But if I moved, I wouldn't get to sit next to Z, who is hysterically funny and makes me laugh. Prates reminds me daily that if I don't turn in my projects I'll fail. I remind her that if I don't raise my grades in Econ I won't graduate, so Art ain't a high priority. We're not getting along well right now. Too bad. When I'm a good girl, she's very encouraging.
Economics. That class is a joke. I recently did excellent on a test we had, and I haven't even read the book in two months. I passed it by guessing with my mad psychic powers on the true/false, and by fitting words into sentences and if the grammar worked, using the words, for all the fill-in-the-blank. (That was a bad sentence.) I don't think I aced the test, but I definitely got over 100%. (There were 10 extra credit questions. See what I mean? What a joke.)
I hate school. I can't wait to graduate. It'll be a blast after Memorial Day weekend; I just gotta survive 'til then.
Tomorrow we're going down to Laguna Hills for the weekend. Dammit. My parents are absolute asses for making me go. They couldn't have worse timing; the oral presentation for the Millenium Projects are due this upcoming week, and I have a lot of make-up work to do. But no, Sam has to go hang with her senile grandmother. The only benefit is I will hopefully get money out of this. Correction: I better get a buttload of money, because I am bitter and cranky and poor.
Mweh. What are you looking at? Well, look at this instead. It's nicer. But I'm too lazy to find a clearer image right now. Mwaaa.
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