March 28th, 2003


I am gorgeous and cold.

Yume: I pry myself from his cold dead fingers and slide off the giant's palm. In a Victorian gown, tattered but still quite resplendent, with my hair done in an elaborate coil, I am the image of hauty turn-of-the-century couture. I walk away from the giant corpse, even though the two blue eyes watch my back as I depart the scene.
I think I was crying in my sleep last night. My eyes had that achey-tired feeling this morning when I awoke that you only get after they've been leaking a while.
She is literally the polaroid of perfection. She has everything and she'll give it to you in a second. Looks can deceive; she wears her heart on her sleeve.
Kitty and I went through my closet today, looking at my vast clothing collection and making up outfits. As with all my friends, she was shocked by my ever-expanding collection. It was fun, though - she tried on a few things, and we found something perfect for her, a kawaii little lolita dress in perfect pastel pink. She looked adorable.
In our rummaging we also found the perfect top for Bandaid's Isabella costume. I think with a long skirt and a flamboyant hat, it will be perfect. The shirt is a bit large for me, so it ought to fit her snugly.
A few new toys for the boy surfaced as well. It will be fun.
Every time I see your face I'm reminded of the places we used to go. But all I've got is a photograph and I realize you're not coming back anymore.
Today I felt like I was waiting for...I don't know. The sky to fall? It felt like something heavy should be coming down on me, but I can't imagine what. Dad left for Spain today, maybe it's just the realization that I shan't see him again until June?'s something else, I'm sure.
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