April 13th, 2003


paranoia paranoia everybody's out to get me

First up: an ancient entry I've been trying to post for DAYS now, and I never could. Originally from 4/6/03.

Yume: I'm just a little flea dancing on his skin. Wandering around and sometimes just wanting to burrow in. Wait, that's a tick, isn't it...?

Yesterday I bounced back! All week I was down and yucky, but Saturday I just woke up and thought, "Being down sucks. I'm gonna cheer up now." And as I've managed to avoid having a breakdown since, I think I'm doin' OK. Although, as my boss commented this morning, "Where's Sam gone to today?"

Maybe my brain's just far away...and I'm back in school tomorrow. Ah well, I need something to keep me busy.

Oh, you speak to me in riddles and you speak to me in rhymes. My body aches to breath your breath; your words keep me alive. And I would be the one to hold you down, kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath away; and after I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes, dear.


And now...JOHNNY! Originally written 4/13.
There is a single word to describe the thoughts running through my head right now: JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNNY. Last night, I saw the Googoodolls, live and in technicolor. As an added bonus, I saw Bon Jovi, which means my backup brain is screaming JON IS SO FREAKIN' HOT! I SAW JON'S FREAKIN' HOTNESS LIVE AND IN PERSON! JON'S SO FREAKIN' AWESOME WHEN HE'S DOING HIS RETARDED FLAILING DANCE!

The fashion; the flair; all of it was there. Johnny Rzeznik (I can't spell his last name despite my intense lust for his bones and his brains) was wearing an uber-tight white wifebeater that clung so closely to his sexy chest; baggy camoflauge jeans that should've been bondage, but weren't, completed his attire. Around his neck was a thin gold chain with a gold charm; men with necklaces are just so sexy and I don't know why. But they are - raaaaaaar! He switched guitars after nearly every song, usually from electric to acoustic and then back againn. Since the Googoodolls were only opening, they had a short forty-minute set. They played mostly off of Gutterflower and Dizzy Up the Girl - all the songs that've been hits in the past five years. I was a bit disappointed, tho' - I was hoping Johnny'd sing "I'm Still Here" but I guess it really isn't a Googoodoll song. (Yes, I realize 'Googoodoll' isn't one word. Bite me.)

Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand, was in black. His shirt was black leather (and, because it's Bon Jovi, barely buttoned halfway) and his pants were of a similar material, although it didn't look quite right for leather. It wasn't vinyl - it was mystery material! Almost made me think of polyester/spandex, but I know it wasn't that. He was HoT. Positively. And he sang practically nonstop for two-and-a-half hour, dancing like crazy and running around the stage, wild and crazy and energetic. For a man bordering on doddering-old-geezer, he's an amazing little fireball. I don't know many of Bon Jovi's songs, so I can't tell you what was performed...darn. But it was good!


Yesterday I worked from eight to four - it was a pretty busy day down at the bakery. A retarded guy hit on me. "Hi, what's your name? (I told him my name, but he misheard.) Hi Cindy! I'm 37 years old! I'm an Aquarius! What're you doin' after work?" I wanted to hit him or something, but for some weird reason it isn't PC to smack people when they aren't mentally competant. This guy's attendant looked properly apologetic, tho'.
Then my juice guy came. The juice guy brought me pretty flowers, very heavily scented - he said they were jasmine, and I don't know enough about flowers to tell the difference. He brought me strawberry-orange juice, too. :) Yaaaay! It was tasty. We talked about school for a while, and I showed him some of my fashion designs. It was cool. Meeting new people is good, ne? Right? Yeah...
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