May 17th, 2003


it was pretty. pretty boring!

So this morning, when I rightfully should've been asleep in bed, I saw the new Matrix movie. Bleah! I didn't care for it at all. If you like pretty animation, or nifterful special effects, go see it. But if things like plot are important to you, skip it.

Specific whining approaches; don't read if you don't want spoilers.

Y'know, I never had an opinion on Keanu before, but man...he needs facial expressions! Do they have him in sunglasses the whole time to hide the fact that his eyes never do anything but look blank? Between Keanu's natural acting abilities and the fact that so much of that movie was CGI, there wasn't nearly enough life in the main characters. The characters with a bit of personality had limited screen time, and were stuck with explaining the same concepts of casulity and control over and over again. I'm not that dumb, honest! I got it the first time!

Zion. Zion is ugly. It looks stupid.
Granted, they're oppressed and hiding out from the machines, but is an ugly, boring city. With the special effects available to them, I expected something a little more...purtiful? Interesting? It seemed so impersonal, like a city machines would live in - not a city in which humans dwell. (

There was a sex scene in this movie. It was unnecessary. There was a slice of cake that induces orgasm. That was hysterically funny and strange. There was a big dance/rave scene. That could've been cool, but it looks like it was all CGI'd and that takes the fun away.

Neo's powers went weird. At the end of the first movie (and I admit I wasn't really paying attention so my memory might be off) he seemed like he could just wave his arm and *poof* bai-bai agents. He'd learned how to control the Matrix program and manipulate the world around him. But all he was really doing in this movie that he wasn't doing before was playing Superman (with a funky ground ripple effect that was pretty cool) and sticking his hand inside his girlfriend and bringing her back to life. (eeeeew...) It seems like there was a really good movie inbetween the Matrix and Matrix: Reloaded they couldn't be bothered to make; they didn't flow well from one to the next.

Blah. It was not my cup of tea, in the end. But even if it was, it'd blow chunks anyway. ^_^; I didn't like it, neener neener.

You Are Fetish Gawth
You are a FETISH GAWTH. You are the one that goes
out to goth clubs just to try and pick up girls
and guys to take home. You are into the music,
but care more about bondage and getting laid
than anything else. Oh... and I can almost
guarentee that you are a swinger.

What Kind Of Goth Are You?
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That was long. I don't know what I'm doing yet for the rest of today (it isn't even five, yaaaawn) but I'm definitely not in the mood to sit around the house. Latas.
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No shit.

Pretty Boy Obsession
Pretty Boy Obsession

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So earlier today, there was some sort of documentary on multi-racial kids on KQED, so I was watching that and thinking, "Huh. No, I don't identify with that. No, I'm not terribly upset that people ask me 'What are you?' Blah blah blah, quit bitching, you whiners."
Seriously, tho'. I like being a mutt! There's very little that's more fun than having people play a fun guessing game called "Guess What I Am!" You get the funniest results that way...

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