May 26th, 2003


killer nostalgia

So I was workin' on my zine this afternoon (letters done! now all that's left is illustration, background, and color. i could have this sucker done by the end of the week. ^_^) and I wanted to find a baby picture of me showing attitude. Y'know, sticking out my tongue, flipping someone off, something to that effect. It's so adorable when you're three! I found some random cute pictures, but I wouldn't say any of them were quite what I'm looking for.

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Yeah. Funfun. I was such a cutie-pie. If I find a current picture that I like, I'll treat you to what I look like now. For the record...I look completely different. I really think I'm some sort of alien replacement for my younger self. She must've been kidnapped by aliens or something.
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    "being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up" the ataris