May 28th, 2003


I know what I shan't be doin' tomorrow, fa sho.

What did you do today, Sammie? I did layouts and gave Kitty directions to get around San Francisco and wrote a nifty letter to Christoph about skulls. Weirdo. Yes, quite. Did I mention I also watched a documentary about Julius Ceaser and brought Kerochan ice cream at work? You are really pathetic when you don't have school to keep you busy. Yes, quite.

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I am so freaking addicted to quizzies that it ceased to be funny many days ago.

Hmmm...I am generally sore all over. Blah. On Friday I have to go to the post office in the morning, but I will be rewarded by visions of Plushy-sama in the evening. Saturday I'm hopefully heading to the beach, but Seanie can't go so that plan may be delayed for a week or two. (That long-haired girl! He's always blowing me off. ;_; Sometimes I think he doesn't wuvvie me at all...) But this is all far and away...better get through Thursday first!
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