June 10th, 2003


Sexy hot Robbie

Saturday night was awesome fun. Kero and I arrived at the HP Pavilion early, and for once it turned out to be a good thing. Since it's going to be one long-ass entry, I'm cutting the opening bands. Click the links to read the whole entry...you know the routine.

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So why ya gotta stand there looking like the answer now? It seems to me you'd come around...I need you now. Do you think you can cope? You figured me out...I'm lost and I'm hopless. Bleeding and broken, though I've never spoken, I come undone in this mad season.

Matchbox Twenty was looking good tonight. ^_^ There was a new guy – local fellow – playing with them on keys and [insert instrument here, wasn't exactly paying attention to him]. Rob Thomas looked awesome; he was dressed in all black, leather pants and a leather jacket, if I remember correctly. (I wish we'd gotten pictures! But the jerks at the HP Pavilion confiscated Kero's camera.)

I don't know that Matchbox Twenty is more experienced than the other two bands performing, but Rob Thomas definitely knows how to work with arenas. Even though the Pavilion's sound is horrible, Rob somehow managed to come through loud and clear on every song he performed. And did he ever perform! ^_^ He has great stage presence, and was always*always moving. Most of the songs he sang were from the new album, More Than You Think You Are, but he also sang most of the hits from the earlier albums, like "Bent" and "If You're Gone" from Mad Season and "3 AM" and "Real World" from Yourself or Someone Like You. (At least, I thnk that's what that album's called. I'd have to actually look at it to be sure, and it's out in my car. ^^; )

The song I remember clearly is a cover they did of a Tears for Fears song. (I don't know the title, aack!) When Rob announced they were doing a Tears cover, Kero and I immediately assumed "Shout" and thought His voice isn't suited for that song. But of course he knows his limitations, and did a completely different song...the one that goes
Everybody wants to change the world
and it was good. ^_^

The band was obviously having a good time; everyone was hyper-enthusiastic. I think someone had told Rob off a few days earlier about using "f---" in concert, because he was using it gratutiously. (A bit of a shock – I never would've thought him to be such a fuck-lover from his music ^_~) "I was told I shouldn't use the fucking eff word; all I can say is you can take your fucking letter and fuck yourself with it!" That isn't verbatim; but he said something to that effect.

During the encore they were performing "Long Day" and Rob kept getting distracted by a pink pig he saw in the upper balcony. I mean, he kept pointing and asking, "Is it just me? There's a big pink pig up there? Don't you see it too?" Eventually he started singing for the pig to come up on stage, and it did, and it danced a bit for him, and he was pleased. One of the other band members commented it was from an animal protection group; I didn't catch which one.

But shyeah. Great concert; wish I could describe it better, but there ya go.
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It doesn't work if I don't.

Yume: I'm on the phone but no one's talking. I asked the other person questions, but the replies were clipped and curt, so I assume they don't wish to speak on the topics I'm curious about. They ask nothing of me, so they must not be interested in me. I don't know why we're on the phone, wasting time like that.

Sunday I was dead tired from being up so late the night before. But I have a job and I have debts and I'd like to keep one and eliminate the other, so off to the bakery I dragged myself. Luckily, it was a relatively slow day with few complaints, so I was able to do relatively little. I only got two dollars in tips; that's pretty crummy for an eight-hour shift. Oh well. It was gone by the end of the day, anyway.

I had to ice the cinnamon bread, which was sticky and disgusting. Luckily, it's also fun to get your fingers gooey and sticky. ^_^ It was quite frustrating, though, because I had to wash my hands extra-well whenever I helped a customer or answered the phone, only to get them sticky again. The icing is tasty, though, and the cinnamon bread turned out well, so all's well that ends well.

After work I ran home quickly to get my pajamas (I planned to crash at Kitty's house) and drop off a box of danishes for my mom. Then into my car I hopped and zoomed off to Kitty's; we were going to her work to make some extra money setting up the store. Bandaid came as well, and off to Oakridge Mall we hurried.

In total, I was there from seven 'til one forty-five A.M. Thanks to Starbucks coffee, I managed to stay awake the whole time, in spite of the concert Saturday night and my long shift at work. My feet were killing me by the end of it, tho'.

What did we do? Well...we re-arranged the furniture to match Bath & Body Works' almanac/store plans. We loaded all the sale items onto the tables, pulling items in and out of the back storage room. We had to restock all the shelves that were running low on product – if you've ever been to a body care store, you know there's a lot of product covering every inch of the walls. We assembled shelves and disassembled tables; took down displays and hung new ones. It was busy, busy, and busy.

After we were done and driving to Kitty's house, she mentioned that her manager Meg wanted to offer me a job, since they needed people. I told Kitty to relay that I was very interested in a position, and drove home because I wasn't half as tired as I thought I'd be. Once I got home I just collapsed on my bed, too tired to move but not sleepy. I ended up finishing my book on Atlantis before closing my eyes at half-past three.
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