June 17th, 2003


One day without Donnie

It is so hard without a car. I remember during junior year of high school, Landis was in an accident and lost his car for a month or so. One day he was bemoaning how much it sucked. I remember saying something like, "At least you can still get around. There's public transportation and most of your friends drive." He replied, "It's the sense of freedom and independence - losing that is incredibly hard." After just one day of trying to get around without Donnie, I understand exactly what he meant.

I bummed a ride off of Butler to get to West Valley. His girlfriend was there, too; they had to get textbooks for whatever class they're taking, so I followed them like a little puppy dog to the bookstore. (Hey, I had nothing else to do! Yoga didn't start for another forty-five minutes!) They're cute together, but they bicker constantly. They remind me of Bandaid and Christian.

In class we actually began learning different positions, and by the end of two hours I was very sore. I'm pathetically out of shape, now that I no longer walk everywhere. My stomach, which has been achey since yesterday morning, was really twinging after class.

Seanie picked me up, with Sailor in tow, and we went Rose Garden hunting. One of Seanie's friends was graduating and we were trying to find her ceremony - unfortunately, we did not succeed. Seanie was disappointed, but the three of us hung out for a while and that was fun! ^_^ I stole one of Seanie's hair bands for tying his braid and wear it around my wrist so I'll have a piece of him while he's in Japan. Poo. I'll miss him!

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After Seanie went home, I assembled Sailor's outfit for Fanime and we checked that it would fit. With Kitty's make-up, we should be able to make him look like a real woman. ^_^ Fun!
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