July 6th, 2003


In dreams until my death I will wander

I had the most detailed dream last night. I couldn't begin to write it down properly yet. It was about the end of the world and an extraterrestial knight in shining armor, but it was also about love and definitions of civilization and there were themes and underlying currents of thought and it was just good - it'd make a great story. But it didn't finish, so I kinda hope I'll dream about it more, but that never works out, y'know?

Anyway, so I was trying to write down as much as possible, and draw out everything, at work today. I was getting really into it, and totally spacing out and straining to remember the smallest details, like the exact feeling of the alien skin, what the insignia on his helmet looked like, and so on when out of the corner of my eye I saw a customer. He startled me so much I cried out "EEEK!" and frightened him as much as he frightened me. Heh. I spent a good five minutes apologizing...
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