July 11th, 2003


Zit zit zit guess what I'm thinkin' about? ZITS!

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Eeek, I'm freaking out. I'm supposed to go take studio pictures with Bandaid in an hour or two so that we have something to hand out at the audition tomorrow, but I've got a monstrous zit on my left cheek. Help! Even though I know they can just airbrush it away, it still bothers me to no end, so I'm sitting here debating whether to pop the bugger. ^^; I hate popping zits. I've never popped a zit before. I don't want to start now...but it needs to go...
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'Yellow Glaciered Denim' Photo Shoot

Well, Bandaid and I went to get our photos taken. I've decided that I really like Perfect Studio and need to go back there sometime soon to use some of their other backgrounds. Bandaid chose a nifty one with a mirror and pretty gold furniture, and I want to go back and utilize the nifty arty effects you can get with a mirror. ^_^
But here you go - check me out! And yes, I was having the worst skin day in the history of the world. It isn't noticeable on the wallet photos, because they airbrush those, but these are the untouched up proofs that I provide for your viewing pleasure!

Best damn photo out of them all. Raaaar. As Ashley called it, it's my Marilyn Monroe pose. ^_^

The worst photo in the shoot. I just hate it, for some reason, but Bandaid liked it so I got some wallets of it.
Lyin' on the piano, waiting for you... Somehow, I missed this photo until after I got my wallets back. I would've gotten wallets of it, otherwise. Darn!
Look Ma, no glasses! I can play the piano after all...
Dammit! If only I hadn't blinked! It was a perfect pose otherwise! Arrrr...
A sunny smile and sunflowers...I just like it...I think I'm so preeeettttyyy.
Cheeeeezy grin. Admit it, there's something sexy about pianos and I.
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