July 17th, 2003


And I feel I can fly when I'm standing next to you

Well, expect me to be calling you to see if you're okay when I'm not around, asking if you love me – I love the way you make it sound. Calling you to see do I try to hard to make you smile? To make us smile? I will keep calling you to see if you're sleeping or you're dreaming. If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me? I can't believe you actually picked me.

I love Blue October. I want their CDs. ;_; I hate that I have no money...I need Blue October and Audioslave baaaaaaaaaaaad.

I spent most of this afternoon drawing outfits I saw in fashion history books. Sometimes I tried to capture the exact clothing that was originally made; other times I just borrowed ideas and worked them into my own designs. I'm also a mad photocopying machine. ^_^; The books are due back at the library next week, so I want to get the images out of them as best I can. Hey, it's cheaper than buying these things...they're 'spensive. ;_;

Mmmm...today I have officially been Sailor's girlfriend for six months. It is a bit scary, really. That's half a year. It's a very long time. But shhhhh! It's a secret. He doesn't remember that it's our anniversary! It's kinda sad, actually. We don't ever celebrate our anniversary – now that I think about it, I don't think we've ever actually seen each other on one of them. o_O Gee, that's kind of depressing, isn't it?
Bandaid, Kitty and I all have our anniversaries bam! bam! bam! one right after another. First is Bandaid & Cee on the 14th, then Sailor and I on the 17th, and finally Kitty and Taitai on the 19th. Bandaid and Cee just did two years and a month, I think...Kitty and Taitai will be thirteen months. Eek. Now those be REALLY long times... Anyway, so every month they talk about all the fun stuff they're doing to celebrate and it's like "So, Sam, what're you 'n' Sailor doin'?" "Uh...nothing." "Oh." And it's not the normal "Oh, I understand," but the "Oh" with the raised eyebrow and you're a weirdo tone of voice. o_O <- like that, except with eyebrows. (That makes no sense.)

Shyeah. I've only gotten through to the thirties, so I'm going back to drawing now. Jaa.
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