August 14th, 2003


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i'm cranky for a couple of reasons that may inevitably lead me to do something stupid. *sigh* such is life.
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~/o everybody do the tanga

Samchan got a pair of tanga panties and she loves them. They're boy shorts, and they're super-lacy sheer prettiness. But the part Sam likes (Sam is not big on sheer panties -_-;) is that they are VERY low-rise, so they are perfect for the tight hip-huggin' jeans Samchan likes. And they be comfy, not at all scratchy like Samchan thought they'd be.

(Quick story to amuse you: Samchan was referring to herself as Leelee for the above paragraph and just now fixed it. Ah, Shar, but see what talking to you for an afternoon does!)

Samchan: Y'know, anyone who reads my diary is going to think I'm some sort of panties-obsessed fiend.
Davy: You ARE a panties-obsessed fiend.
Samchan: If I am, it's your fault.
Davy: Yes. Yes, it is.


Anyway! I had something to talk about, and IT WAS NOT PANTIES!
I WANNA GO CANADA and see Shar and Sammi and Jade! It'd be like, a WoE reunion or something. It'd be trippycool.
And I am sad that I couldn't go to Otakon and see Relia and Bellypoo and Zeeeeeeee!
And there's probably other places with cool people meeting up that I can't be!
Y'know, if any of ya'll are ever in SF Bay Area, you REALLY should let me know. Ferreal. Or even L.A., 'cuz maybe I could swing L.A.


I'm babbling 'cuz I'm tired. Blue October and Eve 6 are peforming tonight (heart!) but I don't have the energy to go. Plus, Auntie Susan's here tonight, so I kinda have to stay home. Saaaaaaaad~~~!

I'm going back to playing with fragrance oils. Jaaa.
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