August 23rd, 2003


I am such a vapid airhead.

So my grandmother died on the 16th, right? The memorial service is going to be on the 31st, and naturally I've got to participate, as the only granddaughter. Granpa's putting together the service. Auntie Bonny and Dad are going to be doing remembrances, as will my brother. They all have specific Bible verses and topics and whatnot. As her wonderfully faithful husband, Granpa naturally will have quite a bit to say as well. What has he decided the granddaughter will do? Hold up photos ala Vanna White. I'm not sure whether I'm pleased or insulted. On the one hand, I don't have to give a speech. On the other hand, I give damn good speeches thanks to spending a couple of years on the debate team. Then again, I don't want to write a remembrance, because it's a lot of work and thought. But I'm not some stupid ditz who is incapable of such a thing.

Actually, I probably am...

Anyway, since otherwise I'd lose it I'm pasting a copy of Granpa's memoriam-thingie here. Shyeah. It'll probably bore you, so don't read it. ^^;

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