August 30th, 2003


Down South

Well, I'm in Laguna Hills now, at Granpa's house. Everyone else has gone out to take a walk, but I had to stay in and edit a few photos for the memorial service tomorrow, so here I am, chillin'. (They think it takes twenty minutes to crop a photo - let 'em think that! It only takes two, but this way I get so much extra time to play. ^_^)

The fact that Grandma isn't here doesn't feel strange at all - since she was at the Alzheimer's care center for so long I'm used to her absence. Even when she was here, I didn't really talk to her - I don't think I actually ever had a full, meaningful conversation with her, because by the time I was old enough to do so she'd already had strokes and that had inhibited her abilities to communicate. Her body was already committed to ashes, so since that barefaced evidence will never be laid before me it makes it easy to accept her as gone. Bai bai.

Today I basically collected inherited items from her. Aunt Bonny, my mother and I went through her clothes and jewelry, and we could take pretty much whatever we wanted. So I've now got several antique rings, bracelets, and necklaces in my collection. I also was given a few belts, since my waist is the only one close to hers. One of them is this nifty gold that I'll have to photograph when I get home - it's really interested. I got a box of fancy gloves, which I'm sure I'll have to work into my wardrobe now. And since I'm also the only one who could fit her old clothes, I have been bequeathed some interesting vintage pieces. The niftiest one is a suit, which is a knock-off of Christian Dior's post-WWII "New Look" suit. It is just fabulous vintage, and I was so thrilled that I knew the age and style of the clothing. (Studying fashion history pays off! Woohoo!) I also got a red cape that looked from the late fifties/early sixties - totally Jackie Kennedy. :-p It's fleece, I think, and will be interesting to wear around campus come winter.

Tomorrow's the memorial service, and I'm a glorified Vanna White. I don't think I much mind, tho'. Oddness and tweak...

On the ride down to Laguna Hills boi called, but I couldn't hear him very well. Oops. ^^; I don't get service here or I'd call back, but he's at work anyway so it'd be wasted effort. :-p