September 7th, 2003


Dearie mine, I'm destitute.

When did I become so desperate for money that I can get emails like this and think "Hmmm. How bad could it be?"

Hey Girl! -

Thanks so much for your response.

It's very important to us that you understand what we're all about. We both have been high-level executives (advertising, law & investment banking) for many years and have recently decided to change gears and move into something far more adventurous and exciting.

We have retained a blue-chip law firm in San Francisco to ensure that our new enterprise fully complies with all state and federal laws, regulations and statutes, yet it would be misleading if we weren't to inform you that the services we will be offering are clearly not for those with puritanical moral standards.

We are looking for only the most intelligent, refined and creative women (possibly men as well, but that will be decided at a later date) to provide individually-customized fantasy and role-playing services (absolutely no sex) to a select group of extremely wealthy, individually-screened clients. You would be far more than just a commissioned worker. Rather, since we are just getting started, we'd expect you to be involved in all business strategy decisions and to participate in profits accordingly.

Please email us if you’re still interested and, if so inclined, tell us a bit more about yourself. Feel free to provide a phone number at which we can reach you.

xxxx and xxxxxxx

Ah, but once school's out of the way I'll have money. I just need to keep remembering that as I enjoy my poverty. ;_; **chants** It could be so much worse, I could be forced to do porn, it could always be so much worse...
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