October 8th, 2003


Like, whoa.

So for my English class we made these webpages to describe ourselves, savvy? Then we had to analyze someone else's webpage. The website I ended up creating was basically the same as my livejournal user info page, so check that out if ya wanna see what everyone's talkin' about. Here's what someone said 'bout me:

The Wonder Ball candy is an engaging delight. It comes in a box and is wrapped in a colorful foil. When you take the candy out of the box and peel off the colorful foil, you will find a thin layer of sweet chocolate. Break that chocolate down and you found a mystery surprise. Samantha Houston is like this Wonder Ball candy.

First, like the Wonder Ball’s box container, Samantha is surrounded by a “brick wall.” The “brick wall” is an imaginary barrier that she has created over the years to protect herself from others getting to know the “real her.” This protective layer is the anterior surface of her being. It is a hard surface that is sometimes difficult to penetrate. It is the barrier that represents a shy, quiet person that keeps to herself.

However, the colorful foil represents her artistic being. It is the layer that comes after the brick wall if you are able to pass her act of isolation from others. This layer of her represents a young lady with a loud center stage voice. She is not someone to be ignored. Instead, she is a being that likes to be heard. She has a unique style of her own and carries the image of confidence and individuality. She is a strong minded person that does not allow anyone to tell her that she is wrong because of what she believes in; therefore, she feels that she is always right. Also, she has an inner child that cries out waiting to be needed, which is the softer side of her.

Third, the thin chocolate layer is the sweet side of Samantha that she rarely lets out. Like a male, she feels strong, independent, and pays for her own way. However, there are times when she does feel her true sexuality, being a female. For example, she would spend hours looking for the perfect outfit for a date, crying at the end of a chick-flick. Yet, this is a thin layer of her softer side and her mood can change.

Samantha‘s mood is like the surprise inside the deep layers of a Wonder Ball. The surprise is that with Samantha, you will never know what you will get. Her mood is always changing from day to day. One day she could be the quiet type, the next, a wild child running through the halls looking for some chocolate. You could also say that she has multiple personality because with each day she gets older; she is discovering a little more about herself. With her, it is always different and never the same thing twice. Hence, with her you will never find yourself bored because she will always find a way to entertain you with her layers!

I do not cry at the end of chick flicks, thankyewverramuch. ^_~ It is kinky fun and kind've scary to analyzed.

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