October 9th, 2003


Lusting away...

I have a new crush.
I get those a lot.

I shan't say who it is, on the infinitely tiny off-chance that he may read this, but he is hot and lucious and mentally sound, and I am infactuated to the extreme.

That Adrian guy?
So over him.
He's so totally yesterday's news.
See, he called on Tuesday, just to say hi. You don't call just to say hi! At least, not with someone you don't really know. You call to say, "I'm taking you to the movies on this date at this time; is there something you want to see?" You DO NOT call to say, "Hi, just called to say hi and I feel awkward talking to you and I'm closing so I won't be buying danishes from you tomorrow morning."
Perhaps we shan't see that movie after all.

But the new guy. Oh, the new guy. He's hot and funny and wears COLORS. He has style and flair and he is positively delicious, very Californidude.

Dear boi, why do you even put up with me?
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