October 25th, 2003


I want new bath bombs!

Any of you crazy Canadians (c'mon, I know there's a few of you readin' me!) wanna stop by yer local LUSH and pick me up a random assortment? I'm dying to test out their stuff...especially the bath bombs, yowza. Shar-babe, it looks like they're all over British Columbia, so when I come visit you 'n' Jade let's visit the nearest one, OK?

I am in a bath-crazy mood because I just took a bath with a homemade bath bomb, and I didn't put nearly enough oils in, I think, because while it fizzed like hell it also dried my skin something awful. My huge body cream collection will save me, but it's annoying nonetheless.

I've been thinking about Christmas all week, probably because every time I go to work I'm reminded of that holiday (Christmas trees and other seasonal decorations are already up.) I have no idea what to get for Mom and Dad. My brother will be pretty easy to buy a present, since I just have to ask him what he wants. I think I'll make a little something for all my co-workers, and maybe collaborate on gifts for those special ones who deserve more. I ought to make something cool for the rest of my friends too...guess I better work on my sorry crafting skills a little more. It's sad to think I was the "crafty" and "artistic" one in high school and now I'm a sorry, uninspired slob. **sigh**
I was sewing all afternoon though, practicing hemming and different sorts of stitches! That ought to count for something...my neck hurts. I gotta find a better place to work besides my bed or I'm going to be seriously injured in a matter of days.

Tomorrow I have eight hours of work at the bakery, and an almanac at Bath & Body Works. I hope that doesn't go too late, because I didn't reschedule my Monday hours at the bakery. I wish BBW had our schedules available sooner, so I'd have some sort of idea what I'm doing the rest of this week.
Sometime this week I'm doing mad photography for the distro, tho'. The catalog is very sloppy and unorganized at the moment, and this week I've got to fix that up all spiffy-like.
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