November 13th, 2003


Not that I all.

I am a good girl. I will not pick on nasty little working class brats who think that they should be able to buy everything they want, just because stores like Wal-Mart provide cheap products and allows them to think they can afford these things, when in actuality they can't because they're poor and would they FUCKING GET OVER IT and stop whining at me about how the lotions at Bath & Body Works are too expensive, and the cakes at the bakery cost too much, and designer clothing is priced too high and FUCK OFF!

If you don't have the money, you can't have it. How hard is it to understand this concept? The products are not priced too high; they're priced at what the vendor wants to sell them for and that's final. THE SELLER DOES NOT OWE YOU THAT FIFTY DOLLAR T-SHIRT. STOP COMPLAINING THAT IT'S OVERPRICED AND A RIP-OFF. It isn't. If the price is too high, the product won't sell and the vendor will eventually go out of business and/or drop the prices. If enough of the product sells and the price is maintained, then the market has declared it to be reasonable and you're just out of luck.

Now fuckin' get out of my store and toddle that fat ass of yours, overfed on McDonald's and Donut World, over to Target and buy your non-designer jeans in size 42 for only $12.99 instead of bitching about Rampage's $60 jeans that DON'T EVEN FIT YOU ANYWAY. Just fuck off.

I hate customers. I hate people. I hate everybody, and I can't tell them, so I bottle it up inside and spew it out all over my journal.
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