December 8th, 2003


Crafty goodness!

Since all I ever seem to do is work, the last week has been a fog. I haven't written, because fog is boring when it doesn't swirl, or float gently through treetops, or cling in wispy shreds to the Golden Gate bridge as it looms above the water.

I'm doing Christmas cards and ornaments this week, and if you're interested in one...well, give me a holler and leave me a note and I'll make one up for you, too. ^_^ The ornaments are kitschy-cute (because my crafty skills lag terribly) and I will make your card myself (and as I'm not gifted in the paper way they won't be terribly impressive, but still...don't you love getting pretty mail?)

Kero has already bought & wrapped my Christmas present, which is cruel, because every day I see it sitting by the stairs and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! I simply can't stand suspense in any form! I wrapped Christmas presents today, and will get even by driving my mommy nuts in the same way. I wish I could do it to Kero, but her present isn't here yet. Grrr.

Back to crafting!
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