December 13th, 2003


For those of you who want some holiday cash....

I have this drawing - more of a scribble, actually - of what I want the website for Savvy Effects to look like. If you would be interested in making this website, happily earning some cash in the process, please leave a note or email me. If you aren't glad Leelee's finally doing something vaguely artistic again?
See how vaguely artistic it is.

Here's the babble that explains the scribble, because the scribble is USELESS.

top of page: banner ho-age to makaiju distro. like i'm going to fail to advertise my own business. please.
under that: name of comic in pretty font. something scrolly. Cursive-y but cutesy. Boys R Gross might work. Next to that is pretty character graphic that I will have drawn for you and inked; you might have to color it, but probably I'll do that too. I dunno what it's gonna be yet, but it won't loook like the scribble one.
under that, above comic: characters/faq/clothes links/webcomics links. kinda explained on scribble. one i didn't include that will need to be there is 'archive.'
comic: smack in the middle. with a border around it. a border that isn't static, as the size of the comic will range from a few panels to a comic book style page, depending on mood.
sides of comic: pretty border thingie. I was originally thinking scrolly arrows, but just something that matches the rest of the site works. Until I draw the header graphic, the colors and exact mood of the page remain undetermined.
under that: buttons. back / first / forward. i bet you know what those are for.
three text boxes/columns, preferably in different colors: one babble box for rants/comic content, one pretty things for bitching about clothes and make-up and other frippery, and random junk for whatever else i might wanna babble about.

Any takers? I'm a pain in the ass to work with, but it's money. For the more talented of you, it's easy money to boot.