January 18th, 2004


I've had it up to here!

I will be changing my email address to L33L33 at makaiju dot net. I just can't take the spam anymore...so say farewell to leelee, which I was quite fond of. ;_;
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This was very hard to write, believe it or not.

Dear Everyone This Concerns, and Some That It Doesn't,

All good things come to an end. It's a fact of life we're all aware of. It can be long and drawn out. It can be short and to the point. Sometimes it's welcome and anticipated; sometimes it is completely unexpected and protested heavily. Whether the end is too late or far too early, it comes.

It is time for the end to come to Warriors of Euphoria. As the RPG's creator, I have seen it grow from my personal brainchild to the vision of many unique and talented artisans. It was an honor and a privilege to create with all of you; I regret missing the opportunity to play with those who joined later in the game.

Perhaps it is selfish of me to close the game – but that's all it is. WoE's just a role-playing game. But for too long, the game has lost any enjoyment for me. It hasn't been recreation or pleasure for some time now, but a chore, a burden that bothers the back of my mind even when I am not actively participating. As long as WoE bears my name, or is associated with me, I can't move beyond it. It remains my responsibility, and I am far too much of a control freak to hand that to someone else. Even if the management of the RPG is given away, the responsibility and accountability isn't. As long as WoE remains open, it will remain a part of my work here on the 'Net, and I will maintain some semblance of responsibility.

I don't want to be responsible anymore. But I can't leave my brainchild to flounder on its own, or with adopted parents.

So it is to be closed.

The control of the RPG was taken from me – rather forcefully, all things considered – months ago, but I hope that those running it now will respect my wishes and make the necessary preparations to close the RPG, or return control to me so that I can close it myself.

Thank you. Thank you for the memories, the creative energy and for being my friends.

Cassandra / Valkyrie
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