January 23rd, 2004


Smashing fabulous!

It is smashing how Jeannie and I are totally on the same wavelength, at least when it comes to time. Whatever disfunctional clock I'm operating on, she's wired to the same one. We were supposed to go to work to pick up our checks at three.
At one I got off of work and went home. By two I was asleep.
Three came and went.
At three fifty-one, I woke up and thought "Shit!" and grabbed my cell phone. There was a text message on it that read "Running late, will be at your house around four."
I called her to let her know I wouldn't be ready at four. Turns out she won't be ready 'til five anyway, so I dive into the bath and soak in LUSH's Candy Cane bubble bar (it was fresh and it was fabulous) and around five-thirty I'm ready to go, just as Jeannie's pulling up.
Fabulous. We'll make being fashionably late into an art form!

Spring 2004 Couture - Versace

Oh Donatella; I still greatly miss your brother, but this collection is fabulous for you. I'm glad you've managed to develop some artistry; let's keep it, shall we? I must ask a question, tho' - what the hell are you makin' all the models look like you for? It's really kind of frightening....
That minor bit of annoyance aside, I think Donatella's finally starting to find her place. I think her pieces still lack originality - one dress was trying to capture Moulin Rouge, how old is that? - but she's beginning to recapture her brother's fabulous colors. She definitely needs to stick to evening wear - it's where her strengths lie.

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First dress: I want that. I look hot in silver. Smashing.
2nd: The dress I find too Moulin Rouge. Ignoring that, isn't it pretty? Beads everywhere. Lip Service had a red/black collection that was very similar a few years ago.
3rd: Very boobi-ful. Beautiful, I meant. I like it. It's a little black dress, only poofy and wonderful. Yay.
4th: It makes me think Egyptian, but not tacky like Galliano's collection for Dior. You know, J-Lo's the sort of woman who'd go tramping down the red carpet in this. She should. That would be fun.
5th: That beadwork is exquisite. The colors are so vibrant! I'm in love.
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