February 5th, 2004



I've decided that my first week of classes was great and I like school now.

Economics II: Microeconomics, while a dull subject, is enlivened by the fact that my teacher is a funny little man who ALWAYS matches from head-to-toe. (I am easily impressed, yes indeedy.) His shoes match his pants match his belt match his shirt. Love it! I don't find him as entertaining as Malek, or as relevent, but he matches better than Malek ever did!

Flats & Specs is a class I dropped last semester, because I missed two classes and when there are only five sessions in all, that was too much. It's basic, but I like it. It's definitely easier to take in 1.5 hour sessions instead of a marathon of three hours. Devindra is in this class too. (yay! I hate not knowing anybody in my classes)

Fabric Analysis I is very interesting, even though I had to assemble my textile kit and pages were missing. ;_; It's another class that I couldn't take in a three-hour long period, but it should be fine for only an hour and a half. It's basic stuff I've got to learn, so I had to take it - but I won't mind it much. The teacher is very energetic and reminds me of Erin Fisher's mom...hmm. I miss her. ANYWAY...

Professional Image is a class that threatens to make me over. Oh joy. Well, I've been nagging Jeannie to do it anyway. The class isn't what I expected, but it looks like it'll be fun (the teacher's so BOUNCY!) because it isn't a sit-down-and-take-notes class, which kills me in the evening.

Unfortunately, History of Fashion is a sit-down-and-take-notes class, and I wish I could ditch it. But the teacher (who is very tall and I bet she was a model, she has a classic commercial face) takes role and throws pop quizzes out, so I couldn't get away with it. She's not afraid to go stomping through 'til the end of the period, either. Aaack. Three hours is faaaaaar too long for a class.

Unfortunately, all this school is bankrupting me. ;_; Saaaaad...
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