March 23rd, 2004



Ever since I've indicated that I am open to suggestions for improving my diet, a couple of people have been really aggressive about it, telling me I can't eat this, that, or the other food. One thing that is also definitely noticeable is everyone says I need to eat more meat, which sucks, because I really don't like it. Can't they just make a meat pill that has all the crap in it? That would be really cool...

I want pie and cookies. Why can't meat taste like that, instead of the bleach that is is?

I want a juicer. I think lettuce and vegetables would be a lot more tolerable if I could grind 'em up with some fruit, disguising the flavor. I remember that earlier in my bakery career, there was a guy who would come by to buy an eclair, and he brought me juice from his juicer at home. It always tasted really good - like berries or apples or bananas - and he would tell me there was kale, or other vegetables mixed in. It seems like a really good way to get your nutrition. Juicers involve buying, and I'm low on cash. Mommy has a blender, but it isn't quite the same.

I think that the week after I finish working at the bakery (April 5th - 10th) I'm going to go on a Detox diet. Everything has to be fresh; so fresh fruits and veggies are OK but chocolate and McDonald's is not. (No chocolate! It's gonna kill me...;_;) Strictly, it's supposed to be all fruits/all vegetabls, juiced up, but I'm never gonna be able to do that with all these meat-eaters watching my diet, so I'm going to eat "fresh meat" that I have to cook myself (bleah!) and eggs. Mostly eggs, because I don't want to cook meat. This is supposed to be really great for clearing out the toxins in your body; anyone wanna join me?


I'm sleepy. G'night.

they're everywhere!

I've been cleaning my room this afternoon, throwing out as much as I can to make room for all my junk. I keep discovering protractors. In every drawer I open, smooshed away in one corner or another, is a protractor. They're shuffled into old folders of art. They're lurking between two pairs of socks. I swear I've never even used one! But there's one being used as a bookmarker in the first Harry Potter, another one sitting on top of a sketchpad with drawings of different Warriors of Euphoria (circa 1999-2000...bad art, and most of the characters have since disappeared. :-/) and a third chillin' with my stash of letters from Bellypoo. It's very surreal. Do protractors have babies?

Anyone need a protractor?