March 24th, 2004


bubbles of blah

Sometimes there's only one person in the world who can bring you out of a blue funk and when you need them most they aren't around.

sigh. miss you.
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180 degrees! Total turnaround and switch those gears!

Anyone want a free stupid toy in the mail? As you can see, I've come across quite a few of them in my room as I've cleaned it.

For your silly pleasures:
A brand new pair of handcuffs that probably can fit some fingers.
Keroppi hair clips.
Minute Sanrio tupperware.
A corny orange kaleidoscope eye.
A plastic frog.
A bizarre purple troll-dragon with neon green hair.
A shiny/sparkly pink wallet.
Pokeballs (seven of them!) with pokemon keychains inside. A variety of different poke-critters are available, but you don't get to choose what I'll send you.
A turquoise address book that is incredibly Taiwan-fab.
A bizarre rubber keychain that looks to be some sort of cartoon/anime character, but heaven only knows what.
A Hello Kitty sticker book.
A dorky little unicorn eraser. I collected these when I was six. Did anyone else?
A round pin with a Blue Whale on it.
A Xena: Warrior Princess Happy Meal Toy. You pull the string, and the round disk-thingie flies off of Xena's head. This toy is the epitome of why God invented Fast Food.

Claim it below and it shall be yours. There are also protractors available should that suit your kinky fantasies.

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