April 13th, 2004



I feel kinda stupid 'cuz I told Jeannie to spend the night, got so sleepy that I told her not to, took a nap, and felt awake enough that a sleepover was once again do-able. Well, probably better that I don't...I need to slow down for a night or two. Poo.

We took Sailor's li'l sisters to the Boardwalk today. Dang, they made me feel old and tired. They're so bouncy and full of energy! I want to be nine or eleven again. They like rides that spin you 'round and 'round, and I can't stand being dizzy. (Although I like rides that flip you round 'n' round, like pancakes. Go figure.) This could be potential problems in the future. Luckily, those little kids are absolutely adorable. I really had to watch my mouth so that I wouldn't cuss in front of them. (See, I'm not always a jerk!) I think I probably did anyway, tho'. We were only at the Boardwalk for two hours, because Sailor had to work later, but it was enough time for them to decide they liked me. Carrie Karey gave me a bag of M&M's when we got back to their house (technically the "first time" I've been to the house, because Sailor's not supposed to have visitors. Shhhh!) and since she guards her candy viciously that's got to be a good sign. And we bounced on their trampoline, which brought back a lot of memories of Antares and sleepovers on her trampoline. Huh. I didn't get a Christmas letter from Antares this year. I wonder how she is...
ANYWAY. Fun for all!

When I got home Jeannie came over and we talked for a while, gettin' all caught up. She had an awesome weekend. :D She and Kiersten Kirsten always do the cool things; I'm envious, I gotta admit. Oh well. I'm underage and that's all there is to it! (But give me thirteen more months and I will be a fucking wonderful person to bring to bars. Maybe. ^^;) The she went to work and I went to sleep, and when I woke up around nine-thirty I just tried to sort out my weekend events. They're still pretty mottled and confused tho'. Oh well.