April 18th, 2004


I had frog eyes this morning.

I've got to be at work in six hours for a morning almanac. Ugh. I hate morning anythings. It's barely worth going to sleep. I originally intended to stay awake all night and just go to the almanac charged up on coffee, but I couldn't manage to find anyone to stay up with me.

I went to the eye doctor today. Sometime this week I'll be getting contacts; the cost is approximately $150. I'm not sure yet if insurance will cover them or not. Dr. Nguyen recommended I practice poking myself in the eye to make the initial fitting run smoother. I think not. Eyeballs are just freakin' gross.

They dilated my eyes, which made driving home loads of fun. My vision was blurry and everything was too bright...even though it was raining. I must've looked silly without any irises, just pupils. Luckily I made it home in one piece; I really ought to have had someone go with me and drive me home.

We went up to San Francisco and visited my grandparents. That's always fun, since we never do that as often as we ought to. My grandfather told me about his stone carvings, which he got into after he retired and managed to score a national medal for some of his pieces. I wish I'd lived in San Francisco as a kid; I imagine he might have taught me the techniques if I had. As it is, I've not a clue how to do anything with jade, but it fascinates me nevertheless.

Look into the mirror

I know that I make people worry when I'm down on my appearance, so I need to get this disclaimer out of the way. While I hate individual parts of my body (and man, do I HATE them) I realize that somehow it adds up to a decent lookin' person, in spite of it all. I look killer in short skirts, and I know it. Don't worry about my pitiful little self-esteem, it's perfectly fine.

That out of the way, I've written down everything I hate about myself. This is only physical; it would take a small novel to get into all the personality flaws.

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Some of that can be fixed, so I'll just work on that. Ferreal. Guess I gotta exercise some more...
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