May 6th, 2004



Today I am actually pleased with my job. I have fun working at Bath & Body Works when I'm not on the floor, because in the stock room I'm unsupervised 99% of the time and I'm good at what I do. I majorly cleaned up some junk sections in there today - antibacterial, DBR, pure simplicity, botanical nutrients, and skin therapy. I work twice more this week, so I could probably get the whole stock room organized if left to my own devices as I have been.

We did a full-store replenishment tonight. I'm worried that Raul's half - Aromatherapy through Anti-Bac, didn't get done very thoroughly. I think he only pulled from understock, not from the stock room. I don't know how else he could've breezed through it so fast when the aromatherapy section of the stock room is a disaster. Grr. I guess that's just more work I'll have to take care of on Friday night. That's OK; I like being busy. The sales floor was mopped and I swept out the stockroom. We were out of there by midnight, so I think Julee was satisfied.

Now my feet and back are sore. Bleah. Not enough lifting with my knees, I guess. Oh well. Two more work days this week. Hopefully, I'll end with twenty hours - I've got ten-and-a-half halfway through the week.
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Birthday Wishes

It's that time of year again. May 22nd I'm forced to turn a year older, so let's make me feel better about it. Here's the birthday wishes for 2004. I was good and only chose one item per category. :)

1. Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gels in Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Milkshake, or Lemon Meringue smell delicious and are multi-purpose. What more could you want, really?
2. The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion is a book I've been needing to buy but haven't yet.
3. Bound & Gagged Chick's Pants, size P would be stylish. I'm actually growing weary of Lip Service, but these pants still appeal.
4. Urban Decay Flavored Shimmer Powders in any flavor but Honey are glittery fun that you can lick, too. Hee. Much fun can be had with these.
5. And who could say no to the wonder of Jem?
6. No, I don't know what specific one I want, just that a nice digital camera would be the best present EVER.
7. A selection of Imp's Ears at Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs would be lovely. You can get six Imp's Ears for $18, and she's got hundreds of scents to choose from.
8. A Crow Left of the Murder by Incubus. Please note that Amazon has a special deal where you can get this album and Hoobastank's latest for $24. That would be rather awesome.
9. Hi-Top Converse (6 in Men's, 8 in Women's) in any color but Blue or Black because I already have those two colors. Please pass on the hideous all-one-color ones that came out earlier this year.
10. Just a check written out to me so I can deposit it into my bank account would be great. Cash would be ever so useful now, and far more appreciated than a candle or purse or whatever bland gift I'm likely to get from people who don't know what to get. Don't bother with giftcards to stores I won't visit, just hand over the dollar bills. Thanks.

Bonus #11
If someone would like to hunt down Evgeni Plushenko and giftwrap him for me, that would just be fabulous, because men who go about wearing gold gloves really ought to be mine.
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