May 14th, 2004


Crap. Today is not a good day.

So Dad finally finished transferring all my files from leelee to L33L33, and all emails that have gone to L33L33 since the account was opened earlier this year have disappeared. This is not good, because I had to answer an awful lot of those. Grrr...

I've got to work tonight. Work = money = groceries, therefore work = good. Tomorrow I'm going job hunting. It's always a fabulous way to spend your Saturdays. There's a rumor that Gamestop is hiring, so I'll go apply there, and there's a fact that Quizno's at Almaden was hiring last week, so we've got to investigate that too and see if there's a job to be had. Does this tell you how desperate I am for a job? I'm willing to work with food again. I'll willing to work with gamers. I need a job!
And to get one, I have to go look for it. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.
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