May 15th, 2004


And so the Valkyrie made one final encore performance...

The Prompt:
"Your prose prompt for the week is simple:

In front of you (or a character) is a golden egg and a silver cube. You are told (by who?) that one holds the power of life and one holds the power of death, but you don't know which is which. You are also told that you must choose one. Which one do you choose? Why? Is it what you hoped?

What happens next?"

I used the Warriors of Euphoria because, frankly, it's the sort of situation I would expect them to run into. If Niki or Del (does anyone know what's up with Del? I have not spoken to her in years!) have objections with me using Perijewel or Syl, they know where to hunt me down.

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Just a fun little writing assignment, written for a bit of amusement, and because I feel bad that I never write anymore. Damn, I'm rusty.
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