May 31st, 2004


Fanime part One

I think Fanime is definitely on a curve. Friday is always great, Saturday is pretty fun, but by Sunday you're tired of anime and it's time to go home. This year they extended it an extra day, but let's face it kids: no one needs four straight days of watching anime in crowded rooms with 50+ people or discussing bishounen ("pretty boys") in painful detail.

(sidenote: Sailor's computer tells me when I turn the capslock on and off and it's fucking creepy. Green letters appear at the bottom of the screen telling me 'Caps Lock On' and 'Caps Lock Off.')
We had a late start because I overslept and then I had to run a few errands. I think we got downtown around two-ish. Sailor had misremembered the hotel we were staying at so we had to haul all our stuff to the other side of the convention center. Schlep schlep blep. Once we were situated in our hotel room I never wanted to leave, because there was a TV and a bouncy bed and a cool sliding-door to the bathroom and what more do you really need? What's more, Sailor brought his computer and it turns out that everything I wanted to see on the video schedule was on his hard drive, so I really had no reason to go to the con, since I don't participate in panels. We did a quick view of the dealer's room, but overall it was a mellow day. We went to dinner at Arcadia, the hotel's restaurant, foolishly failing to check the menu before being seated. That was an expensive meal. >_<; Oh well, I had chilean sea bass and it was delish. I ended up watching Petshop of Horrors (love it!), first episodes of Princess Tutu (o_O? WTF is all I can say) Aishiteruze Baby (love it!), Full Moon wo Sagashite (The beginning I'm not so much fond of, but I'm hoping it picks up. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeannie's beginning sucked too, but that series turned out fab.) and Sailor Moon (live action. Hooboy. That's a trip.) We fell asleep early in the morning.

Sailor wakes up because he's a panelist on a fanfiction panel. Apparently he's a bigwig in the fanfiction world; who knew? I'm don't much care for fanfiction, although I try to keep up with the stuff ex-RPGers write because I've fallen in love with their writing styles. But with exception to Tacky Yellow No Name and Terry's old Sailormoon series, I can't remember following much of anything. Blah blah blah.
So I roll out of bed a few hours later and I'm finally ready to go a few hours later. There's a bishounen panel that seems promising, so Bandaid (who'd shown up earlier with her boyfriend) Sailor and I went to check that out. Irk. Notsomuch. Fangirls frighten me. The first thing they did was ask "Would all the bishies in the room come forward?" because they wanted to parade them. NONE OF THESE 'BISHIES' WERE ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY MALE. (okay, maybe one or two were. STILL!) As crossdressing girl after crossdressing girl stomped across the front of the room, it seemed like an excellent time to exuent. So we did. We brought Bandaid up to the room and she watched some anime and then went back to her boyfriend. Later we ran into Jun and Rachel and spent the evening with them, watching anime and going out to the pool.

Sunday and Monday to come later, but two things:

Note One: Don't go to a con if none of your friends are going. You'll only get sick of your boyfriend if you room together and spend every fucking moment together. Kitty & her entourage decided not to come, and Bandaid could only make it for one day. Seanie had a family reunion and I forget who else said they might want to show up but they didn't. So I spent Friday with Sailor, Saturday with Sailor + Bandaid and later Sailor + Jun + Rachel, Sunday with Sailor (save for a short break while he was out at some Game Show panel) and most of today with Sailor too. That's what, about 92 hours or so? It's a looooooooooooooooooooong time to be with another person nonstop.

Note Two: I haven't slept properly in four days and I'm sure that contributes to the crankiness I feel on the last day. I should probably write these things up every night instead of at the end of it all, because now I'm just an exhausted bitch.