July 2nd, 2004


Well this 4th of July sucks...

This is a rather lonely weekend for me. I'm in my parent's house, alone. I didn't get to go on the family vacation this year and that makes me sad. Kendrick and Mom are going to Ashland to see King Lear and Daddy's going hiking for a week. I'll be here, in San Jose, doing nothing.

Originally I thought I'd be seeing Channel 104.9's Day On The Meadow concert with Jeannie. We'd talked about it when it first got advertised on the radio. But no go, she's going with her church friends instead. Just as well - Bath & Body Works switched to biweekly pay this week, so without that paycheck today I'm beyond broke and can't afford any concerts anyway. No concert, no beach trip, no barbeque, no fireworks...not much of a fourth of July!

Oh well, that's okay. I should study anyway.
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