July 9th, 2004


La la la...

This afternoon will be spent researching lingerie. Woo-hoo. Since I've noticed that none of my fellow group members like to speak in front of groups and are reduced to "Um....ah...errrs" I'm going to be picking up an awful lot of the slack when we do our presentation. Oh well. I'm a control freak, so it's OK.

This week is a blur. I can't really remember what I've done. Let me think...
Tuesday I went up to Sailor's house and saw his horse's baby, which was born only two days before. I also met Frodo and Pippin, who are the cutest little baby goats you ever met. Besides Java and Perl and Gypsy, there's another cat running around, but it's a little kitten that's so new it needs a name. There's a lot of babies at his house now; everything's so cute. :)
Wednesday ROCKED. Kiersten and I were doing almanac prep at Bath & Body Works and she was super-excited because someone had thrown out a headless armless blue mannequin near the bakery I used to work at. She and I went over there (10:30 at night, mind) and picked it up and now I have a mannequin with my measurements. Woohoo! I'll take better photos later, but here's some pics from Sean's phone.

Yesterday was a bad day without any specific reasons for it, I think.
Today should be so-so. Working on homework isn't fun but it's absorbing.
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