July 18th, 2004


Nothing serious.

So I know Dave Grohl is in the Foo Fighters and I've been trying to remember all morning who the lead singer of Depeche Mode is, because I know the names must be similar to each other or else I wouldn't think Grohl was in Depeche Mode. Could I Google this? OH YEAH. Will I? HELL NO. It defeats the point of being confused.

I made onigiri yesterday for the first time and it was fun. Unfortunately, I left them in the fridge overnight and now the meat inside tastes rancid. Gross. It was turkey and I can't imagine it spoiling when it's in a controlled cold box, but it tastes gross now so I guess it must have. Eh. I'll toss 'em and make more rice balls another time.

I promised I'd be productive today, so I guess I gotta go do something now. :-/