August 28th, 2004


Change is good!

Tomorrow morning I've got orientation at Kohl's. I've got to be at the Kohl's trailer (the store itself is still under construction) at eight am sharp. Personally, I'll try to get there earlier, because early is good. ^_^ In the afternoon I'll go over to Kero's and cleancleancleanclean. I'm a good girl, really!

I got my first bottle of Chaos Theory from Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs today. ^_^ I ended up with bottle #30 - I wonder how many she ended up making in the end. In the bottle I think can smell wine - there's definitely some sort of sweet fruit note. When applied to my skin I smell floral...I think a bit of rose and some aquatics. It's very light on me so it's difficult to tell. There's definitely nothing sharp in this bottle - no mints, citruses, vetivert (ugh!), etc. No wood, either, which is good because I can't stand that! I've got a few more bottles coming and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

So yesterday I took a drug test. Dang, those are HUMILIATING like nothing else! The guy manning the clinic was some Asian guy who was probably a nerd in high school and couldn't talk above a low whisper. So it went something like this (keep in mind I've never taken a drug test before):
Me: Uh, hi. I'm here to take a test for Kohl's?
Guy: Mumble mumble mumble
Me: Sorry?
Guy: mumble mumble form mumble
Me: Uh...right. I'll fill this form out. (I fill the form out wrong.)
Guy: mumble mumble mumble (Puts big black Xs next to all the things I need to fill out.)
Me: (fill out form properly.)
Guy: mumble mumble your things mumble (Points to what appears to be a mini-fridge. I open it up and it isn't cold, so I stick my purse in.)
Guy: Mumble mumble. (I take the key out of the lock and stick it in my pocket.)
Guy: mumble mumble mumble (Hands me a cup and points at the line on the cup.)
Me: Sorry, didn't catch that.
Guy: (Points to bathroom.)
Me: Uh...right.
So I go into the bathroom, and realize that there is no one else in the clinic and it's DEAD QUIET AND THE ASIAN GUY CAN HEAR ME PEE. Man, you talk about performance anxiety. I seriously wanted to wait until someone else came in so he'd be distracted, but I realized that I could be waiting a long time and he'd start wondering why I was taking so long and then he'd REALLY BE LISTENING so I'd better get it over with.
Me: (Hand him cup and get my purse back out of the fridge. I never see what he did with it but when I turn around it's gone. Kinda creepy. Hope he didn't, I dunno, drink it or something.)
Guy: (Ignores me.)
Me: is...was that it?
Guy: (Looks at me with a 'Are you still here?' expression.)
I vamoose.
That was creepy. I hate drug tests.