October 30th, 2004


Life Updates, Assorted Flavors

I got a new cell phone yesterday. It's a Motorola V220, which means it's a CAMERA PHONE! (Yaaaaay!) Unfortunately, there's some sort of problem with my number transfer, so my cell phone is currently out of commission. I can call out but I can't recieve anything. GRRRRR. I've got a guy at ATT who is going to work on it with me when he gets to work, so hopefully this little issue will be resolved soon. I don't particularly care to switch to Verizon, but if this lasts longer than a day I think I will, if I can still back out of my contract.

On Thursday I saw a musical with Jeannie. Peter Pan. It was campy fun. I wouldn't have chosen to see it on my own, but it was in AMTSJ's season ticket package so we went. Captain Hook is such a fabulous role...I see my brother doing Hook in ten years. Dancing pirates, man! Everybody loves dancing pirates!
I also got to meet Mr. John. He's funny. I like him. He gets a stamp of approval from this bitchy wench.

Oooo! I should be a pirate wench for Halloween! Kero and I are supposed to hang out but we don't have any plans yet. If anyone's got any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Kitty suggested checking out The Maze, but I haven't figured out where that is. :-p

Rage man. Lots of rage.

So at some point last week my voice mail stopped working. When you called my phone, if I didn't answer you would get a "We're sorry, this number is no longer in service" message. Yesterday, I went in to upgrade my phone since my contract expired and I wanted to get a better one (and a new phone - my old one's antenna had fallen off and was 3+ years old). The guy who sold me the phone told me that it should be working regularly in about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes I had no trouble calling my boyfriend so I assumed all was good and wonderful.

Last night around ten I was trying to set up my voicemail and learned that the new phone can't take incoming calls. Anyone who calls my number is automatically taken to the same "We're sorry, this number is no longer in service" message. This is BAD because I use my cell phone for EVERYTHING, having no house number.

So I call AT&T and a guy tries to help me but he can't figure out what's wrong, so he tells me he'll call back tomorrow when Tech Support is open.
No good. He never calls.
So I call again, wait on the phone line for a little over half an hour, and after talking to a tech guy for about fifteen minutes all he can offer is "This is a known system problem and we're working on it, sorry for the inconvenience."

I was polite because I know the guy probably doesn't like his job (customer support is a horrible, horrible job) and it isn't his fault but....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I just want to scream at somebody so badly right now! I need my phone rather badly so I can talk to my boss and my classmates, not to mention the amigos I am trying to figure out tomorrow with!

ETA: I am somewhat placated. The guy I was talking to last night just called back and credited my account $15 for the inconvenience. Better.