November 12th, 2004


Homeless? - not quite

So my two homes may soon become a single home once again. Kero's dad's old job offered him a position, so he may be coming back Thanksgiving weekend. Permanantly coming back, that is, so my days of free rent and late-night parties shall come to a halt as I move back into my parents' home full-time. Ah well. There are many perks to having all my things in one home again, not the least of which is never suddenly realizing it's thirty degrees outside and all of my jackets and coats are on the other side of town. (That was a FUN day.) Anyway, on Monday Kero's dad will be calling to let her know what the final decision is, and I may be carting my things home soon after.

My room's clean at the moment; isn't that great? I ought to take photos as I know some of you are still scarred from the disaster it usually is. Heh. Maybe after I clean out my book shelves...did I tell you about that? I'm going through my books (I've been needing to do that for years now) and tossing probably hundreds away.
Maybe not hundreds. It's definitely going to be a large multiple of ten, tho'.

Off to study for the Fabric Analysis test on Monday. Who wouldn't be fascinated by the different variations of yarn, weave, and knits?

Free stuff!

Back in the day when I was young and cared about anime a lot more than I do now, a friend of mine was having a financial crisis and sold me a huge pile of doujinshi for very little money. Actually, it may not have been such a little amount, but I really don't remember the details. Since I can't read Japanese I've never really gotten into doujinshi, so this small pile of books have gathered dust for several years now.

I am now desperately needing any and all available bookshelf space for my ever-expanding book collection.
anybody want 'em?
I'd prefer to send 'em out in one big lot or two or three smaller ones, so if you want 'em gimme a shout and they're yours.
The series they're from include Digimon (the characters from the 1st and 2nd seasons), Sailor Moon, Magic Knights Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Urusei Yatsura...I think there might be more, but I'm rather lazy to check.
There are some extremely graphic ones in the lot and I'm a too lazy to sort through them, so be warned: this ain't made for children, regardless of the age group the anime was originally targeted at.