December 1st, 2004



Eric McCormack was in a dream of mine last night. It was either a dirty dirty dream or he baked fresh sugar cookies, because I woke up feeling very smug and satisfied.

Initially I meant to spend this afternoon/evening with Kitty and Bandaid, playing board games or putting puzzles together. You know, the sort of entertainment folks rely on when they're poor. However, Christian was coming down to visit Bandaid and my mom wanted to go shopping, so those plans fizzled out. We may reschedule later this week. I haven't hung out with any of my girlfriends in quite a while.
I bought two jigsaw puzzles today because I haven't done any puzzles in a while now. One has teddy bears on it and one is a great photo of a pink house in France. I have trouble resisting pretty photos on puzzles for $1.50.
Well, it beats watching television.

Earlier today I bought a loaf of french bread and a can of clam chowder because I had cravings for the chowder-and-bread-bowl that they sell at Valley Fair, and I don't have the energy to drive that far. Mom was just giving me a hard time about buying food when we already have plenty to eat, but when I explained that I was trying to replicate the flavors of the chowder-bread-bowl she stopped and said that 'Anything that makes you at least TRY to show an interest in food is good.' I guess that's a good thing?
It was yummy though. Campbell's Select is pretty good for chowder-in-a-can.

I have absolutely nothing of importance to say.
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