December 18th, 2004


Oh, it's about that time of year.

Yesterday morning, at work:
Seanie the Uber-Republican: You're a weapon of mass destruction!
Me: Yeah, and I'm not in Iraq! How 'bout that?

Mwa ha ha. I'm a laugh riot, I tells ya!


So while Seanie and I were working Kitty was being such a hawk. She's very convinced that if we're left alone we're going to flirt, giggle, and not do an ounce of work, never mind that we already sucessfully worked together for THREE HOURS last week with no problems. Yeesh. So besides telling Julee to make sure we're never scheduled the same shift (which sucks, because we wanted to carpool!) if we do happen to overlap, as we did for an hour yesterday, Kitty makes sure that if we're both where she can't see us for longer than a minute she has to call and make me come back out to the sales floor. Way to be productive! The frosting on the cake was when I wheeled a cart in back and was unloading it in the stock room. Seanie was working in the electrical room ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE. After five minutes she calls me and says she needs to have a word with me on the sales floor, so I go out and she yells at me FOR FLIRTING WITH SEANIE IN BACK. Aaaaarrrgh. I was pissed.
I'm still a bit pissed, because I don't know where this distrust is coming from. Grrrr.


Yesterday night we three saw Finding Neverland. Great movie. Go see it, and not just because Johnny Depp is hot.
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