January 29th, 2005


Man, so life is just so the suck once in a while...

So I am driving along Highway 85 on my way to work at Viking Bookstore this morning when Kruger starts to make a funny clicking noise. The noise grows louder and the gas pedal starts to vibrate, something I don't recall ever happening before. It is growing harder and harder to accelerate - I'm practically standing on the gas and I'm barely pushing 60. Suddenly clouds of smoke start flying out of the hood and the back of the car, so I pull over to the side of the highway about a mile short of the Saratoga exit. Naturally, I'm a bit freaked out, so I sit and do what any person in the situation does: I call my mommy. She tells me to call AAA and get towed to the Moore dealership. So I call AAA and they tell me a tow truck is on its way, and that I might not want to sit in my car, as I can smell gas.

As I get out of the car and pull my jacket on, I can't help but notice the puddle rapidly forming under the car.

A blue car pulls over and a woman walks out. I don't know her, but she said she was driving by when she saw my smoking car (with flames! She saw flames! Without her I never would have known there were plumes of fire erupting out of the bottom of myc ar!) pull over and "I looked so young" that she turned around and came back to check on me. She was just wonderful, and I didn't even get her name to say thank you. She said she couldn't just drive on because she saw me and I looked so young.
AAAAaaaaaaaaawwwwww...thank you mystery lady!

After she left I called Seanie, because someone needed to talk to me and keep me from flipping out, and he's usually around his house. I chatted to him, interrupted every once in a while by AAA calling me back to confirm my location and make sure I'm still alive, not freeway splatters or kidnapped. A CHP officer also pulled up and talked to me - he wanted to stay and make sure the tow truck arrived, but there was an accident further up the road so he had to leave.
Did I mention he was kinda cute? Well, he was...
After I'd waited about an hour a tow truck arrived and hauled my car to the dealership, where Mom was waiting to take me to the bookstore. When I arrived one of my co-workers asked "Hey, were you on the side of the freeway earlier?" and it turns out she saw me when I was talking to the mystery lady, and she thought about pulling over, but since I wasn't alone and she wasn't 100% sure it was me (she only met me the day before) she drove on. She kept apologizing but I was just glad to have a witness, because my work couldn't fire me on my second day if I had someone else to back me up about my car troubles!
Of course, now I have no car and that's frustrating.

Work's okay. My coworkers are all nice people and at the moment it's really slow - something I'm sure will change on Monday when school starts again.
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