March 10th, 2005


Trying not to focus on the bad.

Every girl needs a hobby, and my current one is worrying about Sailor. He hasn't updated his diary with his problems, so I'm going to talk about them here, and if he wants me to remove it then he shall have to tell me so. (His condition has been at the front of my mind for days now, so I can't rightfully leave it out of my diary and expect this to be an accurate record!)
His internal bleeding has slowed, but has not stopped, which means the red stuff has been dripping out of him a good six days now. The doctors, to date, have determined that his blood is healthy, he has no infections, and there are no stones showing up in the ultrasound. However, one does not leak blood without good reason; and we're eliminating all the easy ones.
So Sailor is scared and I am scared.
I keep wanting to go down and see him but there is no good time. He has class, or he has work, or I have no way to get down there and he doesn't trust me to get down there on my own. (Which is fair - I don't trust myself driving down to Santa Cruz either!) But it is frustrating.
Tomorrow he has a CAT scan and I wanted to go with him, but I have a dentist appointment and still no real way to get down to Santa Cruz.
So, as I said before, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.


My obsession of the moment is The Unicorn perfume, of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab of course. It smells so beautiful. When I was trying to describe it earlier I wrote Sweet and white. It truly is the scent of a unicorn! It is almost aquatic, too. It is as if a unicorn is standing in a pool of water, with a light tinkling waterfall behind it. There is thick rich moss on the rocks in the pool and green plants everywhere. In the middle of this gorgeous place is the unicorn, sweet and pure, flowers blossoming beneath its hooves as it walks out of the pool.. I realize that sounds absolutely ridiculous in the context of describing perfume, but what can I say? I smell something, I see an image.


I have to dig up my digital camera before the weekend. I have to put it through a test run before we leave for London, and since Seanie and I are going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this weekend what better place to practice my photo skills? It's been ages since I did anything with a camera, so I hope my visual skills haven't deteriorated too badly.
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