March 16th, 2005


Feet = sore, plus I didn't get a free movie!

Feet = sore.
I've worked the last three days in a row. On the one hand, I'm giddy, because that means money. On the other hand, it's kept me from writing up the fascinating report I've got in my head of Saturday's Aquarium visit, and I didn't get to go to see Millions with Seanie tonight like I originally planned to.

Yesterday Lisa gave me my annual review. While I am apparently not performing up to Julee's standards, because she ranked me quite low, I still got a .33 pay raise (just enough to cover the increase in the cost of gasoline!) so I can't be doing that badly. Of course, the mystery of why Julee refuses to give me hours is as baffling as ever, but Lisa's more than made up for that and I think that I am on Marie's good side as well. Two out of three managers ain't bad!
Tonight I spent my hours marking product out of stock and destroying it. We at Bath & Body Works do this with things that are no longer being sold and cannot be saved for future sales, like holiday products. I must've destroyed a million boxes of Valentine's candy - I guess that wasn't a big seller. Neither was the cute li'l bear-in-a-bathtub ornament. MOSing is one of my favorite activities, because how often do I get paid to rip the heads off stuffed toys, draw all over giftset elements, and write MOS and DAMAGE all over the bottles? Maybe I'm just destructive but I LOVE doing these things.
It's such a waste, tho'. What if we'd given the stuffed toys to childrens' charities? What if we'd donated the body products to a womens' shelter? Across the country, with all the Bath & Body Works in existance, that'd be a FREAKING LOT OF CHARITY.
Alas, alack, we don't.
Oh well.
That was my good idea of the day.
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