April 11th, 2005

cleavage (kinda.)

Leave a note if you want in!

I'm thinking of creating a filter for the 'dirtier' bits of life. Y'know, the junk ya don't want Momma to read when she peruses your diary on occasion - because you know she does (Hi Mom!) - and the sorts of things that might bore other people.

Thus, I'm creating the TMI (Too Much Information) filter, which you are all welcome to join, but only if you are not easily bored by the sordid details of my life. If you want my giggly gossip and dirty laundry, it is the place to be! If you're above such petty things, skip it.
Just leave a note here and I'll add you to it.

Also, Day Zero of the London trip is up, and Day One should be up later tonight. Until Mom decides to let me use her computer to upload all my photos, that's probably going to be it for a few days, but at least it's a start. I was really dragging my feet while I was adjusting to California time.