April 30th, 2005


Life is dull.

I can't talk coherently, it turns out. I called Lisa at work yesterday and she thought I was a crank call. No one in my family has a clue what I'm saying most of the time - in fact, Seanie's the only person who can tell what words I am distorting. All in all, it's quite pathetic.

Since I am going to be trapped in this house for at least two more days (Mom won't let me out until Tuesday at the earliest) and I still have to go through with that mouth surgery, I am going to be spending a lot of idle time doing nothing. Does anyone have some book recommendations? Rel, I know you always have about a million.
Pop 'em out folks, I'm BORED.
If you don't, I might have to WRITE. NEED I THREATEN YOU WITH WRITING?
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